Why Microweb Solutions?

100 Reasons to Choose Microweb Solutions

Choose Microweb Solutions
1. Easy to use You do not need any additional technical knowledge to use our solution. We have designed in such a way that it is easy to use for school staff. This means less time required for training.
2. Cost efficient Available at an economical price, our solution is subscription-based. This means that there are no long-term commitments and no high upfront costs.
3. Automation enabled Our software solution is all-in-one and helps you easily automate all operations at your school. You can also enable consistent messaging and avoid data leaks.
4. Cloud computing Our school management software solution is based on cloud computing. This means that you do not have to install or save anything on computers. It also lets you access the data from any device and anywhere.
5. Manage multiple institutes Since it is a cloud-based school management solution, it is easy to manage multiple institutes with just one login ID.
6. Budget-friendly Despite having so many advanced features, you get to use this software for schools at a very budget-friendly rate.
7. Set a custom URL With our school software, you can set a custom URL for your institute’s login page, for example myschool.login.com
8. Advanced software Latest technology, simple and easy to customize.
9. Accessible Our SaaS-based school management software has a very simple and intuitive interface, which people can easily learn to operate.
10. Data security We have a transparent policy in which we give a major emphasis to data security. With SSL certificate and other security measures in place, we assure you high protection and security for your data
11. Online payment With a payment gateway setup, our solution allows you to pay the fees online and on the go in a hassle-free manner.
12. Easy to customize It is very easy to customize MicroWeb Solutions cloud-based software for schools because it allows you to add or remove modules, access rights, etc.
13. Dedicated support We have a dedicated account manager for all our projects and they are ready to help you with any queries any time during the setup process as well as after the setup.
14. CRM team Our customer relationship manager and his team are always ready to listen to your ideas and feedback. This helps us improve the software and provide you with a better experience every time.
15. 3-tier support We have 3 different levels of support system for all our customers.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Sales executive
16. Password management Our password management is simple and helps all the users to easily recover lost and forgotten passwords at any time with just OTP verification.
17. Data import With advanced data import tools, it becomes easy for you to migrate data or import it from your existing software to our SaaS-based software for schools.
18. Easy accessibility Our cloud-based software for school can be accessed by you at any time of the day from anywhere, using any device that you prefer. This leads to an increased accessibility.
19. SaaS-Based software MicroWeb Solutions is a SaaS-based software for schools and other educational institutes.
20. Save paper Our cloud-based computing software ensures that you are able to manage your data in a paperless way for your school through our modules. This also helps you save paper.
21. Low-cost payment gateway We have integrated payment gateway in the software for online payment of fees. It is affordable and doesn’t increase your investment.
22. Mobile Apps At MicroWeb, our software solutions for school also come with developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS. With completely functional mobile apps, you are able to easily access all the features directly from your phone.
23. Custom dashboards for users Even on our mobile apps, we offer customized dashboard and login options for various types of users like parents, teachers, students as well as admins. This allows easy access to individual users for any type of information or function they want to carry out.
24. Multiple languages With multi-language features in our school management software, you can switch between different languages any time you want with just a few clicks.
25. HR Management You can integrate the biometrics and get automated payroll reports on a monthly basis. This makes it easy to manage HR and payroll of your staff.
26. Manage inventory MicroWeb’s school management software has a feature that you can use for inventory management.
27. Unique ID Our software generates a unique ID for all users. Every ID also has a QR code that your users can use to make it easier to operate.
28. API The software can be accessed via a web browser from any device that is connected to the internet. You don’t have to install anything onto your computer.
29. GPS tracking for transport We have also integrated GPS as a feature in the software. This allows parents as well as the management to access the location and route of the buses. This helps the parents plan their schedule and stay updated if the bus is running late or early.
30. Improve productivity By using our school-management software, you have the option of generating over 1000 different types of reports. This will lead to a substantial reduction in your workload and save a lot of time too.
31. Optimum utilization This software will help you in optimum utilization of your resources because it helps you manage everything including maintenance, data, security, updates, communication and other departments.
32. No infrastructure needed Since the software is cloud-based, you don’t need any additional infrastructure for installing or maintaining the software. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to access it.
33. Work remotely Our software solution doesn’t have any prerequisites. Thus, it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere as long as they have a device and internet. Users can easily login from the desktop version or the mobile app and access their data to work more efficiently.
34. Flexibility Being a cloud-based ERP, our software has an increased flexibility and is scalable. You can adapt it to match with your constantly changing business requirements as you keep growing and amassing more users.
35. Cloud security When you save your data offline, you run a risk of losing your data to system failures or disasters. However, cloud-based platforms provide an additional security because all the data is saved on the cloud with high-level encryption that prevents any data loss.
36. Server backup Even if something goes wrong and you face a system-crash, you do not have to worry about losing your data. We backup our server multiple times every day to ensure that your data stays safe.
37. Small investment Our software for school management has different packages based on your needs. Starting with the basic and going to higher packages, we offer very pocket-friendly pricing. This ensures that your investment stays low and you get your money’s worth with our advanced software solution.
38. Manage exams Through our platform, you can create exam timetables, report cards, publish reports with student performance and manage exams smoothly.
39. No need for IT team The platform that we are providing is very simple to understand and operate, and it does not need any advanced technical knowledge. Hence, there is no need for a dedicated IT support team.
40. Quick setup Since there is no need to install any software or make major changes, the setup of our software is very quick. You will need at most 2 days for any customizations required.
41. Admin dashboard We provide an admin dashboard where you can view all the crucial information about your institute and make changes to the software. This will help you make important decisions quickly.
42. Support center We provide you with a support center that has content and resources to learn how to use the software. It also contains FAQs and tutorials in case you need the same.
43. Receipt generator This feature helps you generate clean and easy-to-understand fee receipts that you can print out later.
44. Track your data Our school ERP software helps you maintain and keep a track of your institution’s data efficiently. It will organize the information in a systematic format so you do not waste any time searching for a particular piece of information.
45. Reduced workload With most functions and operations of various departments being automated, our software effectively reduces the workload of the school’s administration staff.
46. Focus on teaching We realized that teachers spend many hours on documenting and other menial tasks. With automated processes in our software, the teachers can utilize that extra time on academics and improve the quality of teaching for students.
47. Free demo Want a taste before you buy it? We have the try and buy feature too. Get a free demo to see how our software will fit into your organization and understand how it works.
48. Online exams and tests Online classes are more popular these days. With our software, you can conduct tests and exams for your students online. It also helps you assess and generate results quickly.
49. Forum module The forum module works as a place for discussion. Here, all the teachers and students can interact with each other for discussing doubts, queries and sharing important information.
50. Track records We have a module where you can track the records for each student individually and update information. You can upload everything from the admission form, fee receipts, report cards to other important data.
51. Attendance records Depending on your institute’s requirements, it is easy to manage the attendance records of all students as per the class or subject.
52. New modules With over 40 modules already in place and many more under development, we assure you that you will find everything you need right here.
53. Maintain timetable We have a module for timetable for students as well as teachers. You can update daily schedules and inform everyone of any changes directly. Since this is available on the mobile app as well, all the users will get updates from anywhere.
54. Barcode scanner integration With a central barcode system, you can manage various amenities of your institute like library, campus gates, user profiles, sports room and others.
55. Student profiles With just one click, the student profile shows all information of the student that includes pending fees, past performance, attendance records, biodata and other information.
56. SMS integration We integrated the functionality of SMS in our software too. You can use this to send any updates to parents regarding important information and student’s performance.
57. Website creator We have a functionality that you can use to create your own smart and dynamic website for uploading content and photos.
58. Mobile app for parents We have a separate mobile app for parents that lets them see the status of their children and keep an eye so they can work out any issues that arise.
59. Mobile app for teachers Teachers can directly communicate with the parents using the mobile app for teachers in our software. This allows them to keep the parents updated at all times.
60. Report card formats Our software is preloaded with more than 35 different formats of result cards as per CBSE, ICSE and other state boards.
61. Certificate and I-card templates We have provided over 50 templates for certificates and I-cards in the system. You can also design your own customized certificates and I-cards.
62. Hardware integration If you use biometrics at your school, our software has the option to integrate the same and automatically calculate the attendance of students as well as teachers for the payroll.
63. Multiple fees accounts Our finance management module allows you to handle multiple accounts for auditing so you can oversee all the accounts and maintain a transparency with your financial auditors.
64. Analyze performance MicroWeb school software lets you evaluate the performance of individual students as well as in groups.
65. Let parents track buses Parents can use their mobile app to track the bus in which their child is travelling and get regular updates in case something goes wrong.
66. Emergency alerts and notifications The management can inform parents about emergence notices, results, exam schedules, pending fees and other information via push notifications on the parents’ mobile app.
67. Leave request manager With this module, teachers and students can request for leaves, you can track total leaves taken by someone and automatically generate reports and salaries for teachers.
68. Library module Never lose a book again and stay informed about the availability with the help of RFID-enabled library module in the software.
69. Latest features Our research and development team is constantly looking for ways to make things easier for you. We are persistently adding new modules and updating the old ones based on the current trends.
70. Homework submission and assignment Teachers can directly assign homework to the entire class and students can complete the work and submit the same for assessment by attaching the files from the mobile app or the software.
71. Import past data MicroWeb solutions has the option to import data from last year to the current year in just a few clicks.
72. Fee receipt customization You can design customized fee receipts for printing or sharing digitally with the parents of the students.
73. Evaluate students MicroWeb helps you check the performance of individual students and evaluate the same. After doing this, teachers can guide the student for improvements and update the parents about the issues being faced so they can help as well.
74. Earn more Apart from schools, we are looking for reseller partners who are young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and wish to earn money.
75. Admissions and enrollments We have an admission module that you can use as an all-in-one student enrollment system and for automating the admission process of the school.
76. Transport supervision You can enlist all the buses and manage their routes, stops, number of students in each bus, expenses, vehicle details, and other important information in one place.
77. HR & Payroll Maintain information on the human resource like staff recruitment, payroll management, staff leaves management, salary generation, etc.
78. Academics records This helps you to organize and manage all the student data such as exams, grades, report cards, extracurricular activities, achievements, wrong behavior, health or medical information and other crucial data.
79. School messenger The integrated school messenger in the software offers a School Messenger that works as a powerful and seamless communication platform between the school management and the parents. It improves engagement with the parents and keeps them up-to-date.
80. Finance module With the finance module, your institute can maintain multiple bank accounts, track of assets and liabilities, income and expenditure and other financial information with detailed ledgers.
81. Group chats Teachers can interact with parents by creating chat groups and send them updates on a daily basis or discuss important matters.
82. Accountant App An exclusive mobile application for accountants to help them in the fee collection process without depending on the internet and system.
83. Empowers teachers Our software for schools helps teachers and other staff members to become more empowered and feel more connected with the students because it provides them the complete analysis about every student.
84. Staff attendance Biometrics and swipe cards can be connected with MicroWeb software and helps you see all the data in one place for smarter staff attendance management.
85. Email Integration Our school management system can be integrated with your email setup so that all your email communications can be made directly from our software.
86. On-site training If you require personnel training and support, then we will send an expert technical assistant for the same to your institute. This will help you understand the software better and obtain clarification on any aspect that you might need.
87. Suitable for all institutes Our software is apt for all kinds of educational institutes be it a school, college, university or a training center.
88. Rights Management With this module, you get better control as an administrator and can provide role-specific to all the users.
89. Payment modes When paying the fees, parents get to pick from different modes of payments such as cash, cheque, debit and credit cards, net banking and wallets.
90. Leave management This module lets students and teachers apply for leaves, lets you manage leaves, track employee leaves and generate automated salary slips.
91. Track routes Using our in-app GPS-tracking, you can keep a track on all the buses and supervise their routes by sitting in your office. You will get alerts if a bus goes off track.
92. High-speed alert With GPS-tracking, you are also able to stay updated about the speed alerts for all the buses. If a bus driver exceeds maximum speed, you or the concerned person in charge will immediately get an alert.
93. E-learning MicroWeb solutions allows the students to learn digitally by giving them access to content resources, assignments and other material through the app. They can sit at home and learn online if they are unable to attend classes for some reason.
94. Assistance on call Our help team is always available for you on call. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us and we will solve it at the earliest.
95. View timetable Parents as well as the teachers can check the timetable of the students directly on the app.
96. System logs list Whenever someone logs in via web or mobile app, you will be able to see the information about their activity. The data includes the name of the institute, date of login, module, sub module, type, and description.
97. User complaints With this module in our solution, you will get an efficient method to receive, record, track and solve all the user complaints. This helps you solve the complaints and stay organized.
98. Video tutorials In our help center, we have provided you with video tutorials that will help you understand or teach how to use MicroWeb solutions for increased efficiency.
99. Upload photos As the admin, you have the option to upload photos of any events or school functions directly from your mobile. These images will then be visible to all the parents from their app.
100. Monthly updates Our R&D team is working to improve the solution and thus we keep adding new features on a monthly basis. You will get the benefits even if you have purchased the solution before we launch them, and it will help improve your experience on our software.