Biometric Machine

Biometric Biometric Machine

Biometric machines and integration are a very commonplace requirement in most institutions these days. If you are using a school management software that does not integrate with your biometric machine, then it becomes rather redundant. With Microweb Solutions schoop ERP, you can integrate your biometric machines into the software for easy attendance. By doing this, the software automatically makes the entries and reduces burden of manually making the attendance records of both the staff and students.

With a biometric system, you can track the attendance of the staff members, record their punch in and out times, calculate the average hours spent at work by the staff, manage leaves, and calculate the number of working days at the time of salary disbursement. Similar to the RFID system for students, the data from the biometric machine is fetched by the school ERP and you can access it, view or manage it in real-time.

Benefits of Biometric Machine