RFID Systems

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In Microweb Solutions School ERP, we have introduced a new safety feature to ensure that the children are safe in the school premises. By using Cloud Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking for monitoring the students’ attendance in the school premises, we ensure that the children are under surveillance ever since they enter the premises.

As soon as the student enters the premises, their RFID tags are read automatically from the Smart Gate Reader. This triggers the system and an automatic SMS is sent to the parents’ registered mobile number. The SMS system sends an SMS whenever the child leaves or enters the school. This system has a web-based interface that allows real-time monitoring and reporting of all the students.

The solution does not require any human interferance to run it and it also helps record the attendance of all students easily. This saves the teachers’ time and they can use it for academics. It also eliminates any fears that parents might have about their child at school.

Empowered with robust MIS reports and graphical dashboards, the web login is user-friendly. The RFID system in Microweb Solution school ERP works as a biometric student attendance system for schools. It is a very efficient system and one of the best online student attendance system for schools.

Benefits of RFID System