Student Attendance Library Management

Microweb’s Library School Software

Our school library management software helps you track all the activities related to the library, all the books that are issued & returned with timestamps, all the addition of books efficiently with our library management software.

Automated Library Management Software

Accountants can keep track of the due of the books that have been issued from the library and parents can keep track of all the books students have read in an academic year.

Repository of the Book

All the books that are in the library are combined and get it updated with the library database that is powered by the Microweb Solutions software. The updated online library can be accessed and the information is available effectively.

Unique Id

Every book is given a unique id and so that the access to keep further track of the book that is issued by students or teachers. The reports can be generated with the help of our library software to borrow and retrieve the books easily. The tracking of the books issued & received can be managed effectively for students & teachers.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner integration helps in easily managing educational books and effectively keeps the track of the books and the availability for our library management system. This integration helps to return, issue, and check the availability of books. The new books can be added easily with the help of our software.

Catalog On Ease

The list of all the books in the library is easily arranged and thereby providing access to all the students & teachers using our software. The books are also classified & categorized for easy accessibility for students and teachers with our library cataloging software. With our software, you don’t have to do a manual entry for updating the catalog.