Inventory Inventory Management

Inventory Management

The inventory and store management system helps you automatically process goods procurement, maintain the receipts, make stock book entries, bill passing, issue materials for different departments, maintain stock books and write off for the university. It also generates various store and inventory reports.

Here are the things that you can manage using the store management system software

Stock the warehouse

You can enter the items in the warehouse and the minimum and maximum quantity of each item. The store management software will automatically send an alert when the stock for a particular item is running low or too high.

Stock ledger

This helps you centralize the ledge and keep it in accordance with all the different departments of the school/university.


Staff members from different departments can place requests for any goods or services required for educational or maintenance purposes. For example, if a teacher requires pens or material for the laboratory, they can inform the store department about the same and then later seek permission for the same from their department head.


When the warehouse receives an approved request for the goods or services to be purchased, it starts the lookout for a vendor. Then the vendors send their quotation to the institution.

Comparative statement

This feature helps in creating a comparison between all the different vendors and then selects the best deal.

Goods purchased

This sections keeps a track of all the goods and resources purchased by the institution, the date of order, the date of dispatch, shipment arrival, bills, and other information.


The software also helps you keep a track of all the invoices sent by different vendors after the successful delivery. If you return or cancel an order, it also keeps track of the refunds, if applicable.