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It is most essential to gauge the performance of every individual student and examinations pose the best and most ideal opportunity to do so. The school may determine the progress of every student in different respects and hence makes it very important. Our module is highly user-friendly and is highly compatible with CBSE, CISCE, IB, STATE and IGCSE Boards. The concerned authorities at the school may enter marks, grades, and remarks.

Report Card Assessments

Suitable for CBSE,IB,ICSE,IGCSE,State Boards

Teacher Performance Reports

These reports are for analyzing the teachers’ performance during the academic year and checking the test scores they have graded for the students. It assists them in many ways and helps you assess them too.

Accurate Reporting

You can use this feature to create reports in a smooth and effective manner and generate reliable and accurate reports on a regular basis.

Teacher Performance Reports

Just like students, teachers also need feedback if they want to continue improving the quality of education and their teaching methods. Our software helps the school management and teachers to generate reports that help you understand the performance of the teachers. This helps you to encourage teachers to alter their methods and improve their standards if required.

Co-scholastic Analysis Report

You can get insights on various parameters and metrics for a co-scholastic education. The generation of an in-depth analysis report helps you assess the performance of both the students as well as teachers and understand the overall status of your school.

Student Reports

You can generate students’ progress reports for different areas of development, levels of involvement, attendance records, communication with parents and other aspects. This helps you obtain invaluable insight and assist students for better performance and move in an upwards trajectory.

Classroom Reports

You can study and evaluate students as a group or class by various metrics like attendance, academics, other activities and participation. This gives you a better understanding of the class as a whole.

Green sheets
Green sheets

This helps you generate a digital version of the report card so that the teachers can create automated reports and analyze the class results as well as individual student reports. They can get statistical data to help them get a deeper insight into students’ performance.

Annual Student Performance

Teachers can generate and share annual student performance reports for every year with the parents to help them understand their child’s achievements, overall performance and misconduct or disciplinary issues, if any.

Sophisticated Evaluations

You can make simple evaluations of complex details and generate them as reports to understand and plan the next steps to be taken according. Evaluations could be based on subject skills, examination types, test sequences, assigned minimum and maximum marks and other things.

Assign Marks

Assign marks for different activities, tasks to the teachers and upload grades for the same at your convenience.

Efficient OTBA & ASL Integrations

If your school follows Open Text Based Assessment (OBTA) and Assessment of Speaking and Listening skills (ASL), then it can be easily incorporated in our software.

Diverse Weighted Assessments

To ensure that the final grades of the students reflect actual and real progress, you can set the weightage of all tasks in the software. This can include periodic tests, subject-wise activities, portfolio assessment, term exams, and other activities.

Co-scholastic Education Management

Our module gives you a number of features that enables you to perform various tasks like activities, assignments, exercises, grade papers, assess tests, credits and marks for education in schools.

Assign Co-scholastic Skills

We understand that every school has a different set of co-scholastic skills and follow a different approach to evaluate each skill. Our module provides flexibility to you so that you can customise and assign co-scholastic skills such as work, art, health, physical, environmental education, yoga, and more and easily evaluate as per the standards set at your school.

Term-End Reports

You can generate report cards at the end of each term in a comprehensive manner to ensure complete and thorough assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic performance.

Evaluation-Wise Reports

You can generate report cards with the help of our CBSE software after every formative assessment and include information like student health information, participation and other remarks.

Student Attendance & Health Records

You can incorporate students’ attendance and health information with documents using our software.

Access & Printing

You can create downloadable and ready-to-print reports with our reporting tools. These reports can be customized with the school’s logo and other design elements.

Report Card Printing

Single report card: If you ever require to print a report card for a student, you can do so by inputting the information of the student and downloading the same from the student’s profile. Bulk report card: You can print all report cards of all students with just one click.

Publish Results

You can check and update the results of all students for different types of evaluations and subjects and publish the same on the parent portal easily.

Special Cases
Special Cases

You can restrict parent access in case of pending fees or misbehaviour of the students and disallow them from viewing the report cards.

Parent Access
Parent Access

Parents have the option to log in to the mobile app or web for viewing the report cards.