daily-remarks Daily Remarks

Promote Discipline with Microweb Solutions Easy Student Daily Remarks Trackings

It is suitable for educational institutes of any size with any number of students. It helps you keep the students in check and ensure that they behave in a disciplined manner. It also helps the school to recognize and eliminate any type of bullying or ragging in the school.

Easily Tracking Student Behaviour

The Daily Remarks module makes it easy to track student behaviour and promotes better discipline. Any time a student indulges in misconduct or wrongdoing, they are given a permanent record by the teacher on their profile. This remark can be viewed by the parents, other teachers as well as the non-teaching staff. Teachers can record, keep a track of and report various types of misconduct for all students. This includes bullying, general misdoing, and academics performance. Teachers can give warnings, make remarks, notify parents or generate reports for each student individually.